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Although new Hyster forklifts are only available from Hyster dealers, used second hand Hyster forklifts are often available from other main dealers and idependent forklift companies.

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If you are looking for a new Hyster forklift we can also identify similar forklifts from other manufacturers that you might like to compare before you make your final decision to purchase.

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Since the 1930's, when Hyster started manufacturing forklifts, the company has been recognised as a leading force in the materials handling industry. HYSTER is part of the Nacco Materials Handling Group (NMHG) a holding company responsible for the Materials handling activities of NACCO INDUSTRIES.

Hyster is able to offer a complete range of forklift and materials handling solutions, with over 140 products, covering lifting capacities from 1 to 52 tonnes; including pallet trucks, stackers, order pickers, reach trucks, narrow aisle trucks, electric diesel and gas counterbalance forklifts, and large container handlers.

Tip – When you are searching for Hyster Forklifts in and around the UK remember that specialist trucks are available such as 4-way lift, bend in the middle, side-lifts etc, but in general these are all more expensive and are most cost-effective when used intensively for specialist work.

Tip - Whilst investigating Hyster Forklifts in and around the UK the Hyster H8.0 – H9.0 FT range have either 3.3L or 3.8L diesel engines or a 5.7L LPG engine and are available with Fortens, Fortens Advance and Fortens Advance+ configurations to suit many and varied requirements.

Tip – When looking into Hyster Forklifts in and around the UK the Hyster H4.0-5.5FT series has ECO-eLo Fuel Efficient Mode that can reduce fuel consumption by up to 20% providing a lower cost without compromising performance.

Tip - While researching Hyster Forklifts in and around the UK the Hyster E4.0 – 5.5XN has full service intervals of 1000hours.
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